Twitter etiquette for the holidays

We’ve discussed social media etiquette before, but, with the holiday season batting its turkey wings, the Wax team thought it proper to share a few tips to add some Twitter politesse to the giving season. Enjoy!

1. When tweeting to family and friends about a store sale, follow up with regular updates about the checkout line’s body count.

2. If your tablemates don’t hear you say “Pass the peas, please,” tweet them with “ppp” instead. Remember to include the last “p,” and tweet back a “thx.”

3. On Christmas eve, tweet your GPS location @SantaClaus.

4. Before you tweet what you eat, unfollow followers who are foolish enough to try dieting.

5. Make everyone’s life easier; tweet your gift list with direct links that work.

6. Don’t hog the ham. The fat goes straight to your thumbs.

7. Make friends this season. Go ahead and follow all the coworkers you rejected this year.

8. Don’t bore guests with tales of holidays past. Follow Twitter threads of a stranger’s holiday present.

Have any tips of your own?