Understanding the Healthcare Consumer

Understanding the Healthcare Consumer

Today’s healthcare consumer is a complicated audience. Gone are the days when we, as marketers, could simply target women between the ages of 35 and 64, who have traditionally been the primary decision maker.

Consumer engagement through digital media now requires us to think beyond demographics to understand the lifestyle behaviors that impact healthcare-related decisions. The good news is that the data and information we need is at our fingertips.

Who are they? One way to get that consumer information is with data and listening. At first, you will look at your current consumers and base your marketing decisions off of that. But that doesn’t mean that they are the only audience you should be targeting.

You need to continue to gather data throughout your campaigns; look at history and listen to what consumers are telling you. Whether that’s done online via social media or offline via surveys and focus groups, this data will assist in perfecting your campaign.

Where they are? Next, you need to determine “where” they are. We, as healthcare marketers, need to connect and engage with audiences not in sales-y ways but interesting, relevant ways.

One way to do that is with social media. Twitter and Facebook are great avenues for engaging users who are talking about you or talking about things that can relate to your facility.

What do they want? Now that you have determined who your consumer is and where they can be found, it is now the time to learn what they want and what you can offer to them.

One common misconception many marketers have is that you can simply push your products and services to your audience once you’ve identified them. In reality, you can’t. Instead of talking to your audience, you need to talk with them.

Consumers in 2016 are looking for a partner – not a salesman. By connecting with consumers in a regular, conversational way and providing useful information that is also relevant to them, you will not only acquire new customers and retain existing customers but also turn these people into brand and referral machines.

Helping people understand their health and making individualized recommendations is critical for obtaining and understanding your consumer. The more you know them, the more you can help them.

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