Unscrambling e-mail unsubscribers makes sense

unsubscribeIf your e-mail list shrinks with every deployment, a new poll by the Chief Marketing Officer Council hints that lack of relevancy may be your problem. Nearly half of the people questioned revealed that the main reason they jump ship is because they simply can’t relate to the messages being sent to them.

While convenient for your business, creating uniform e-mails can send unintended messages to your clients. Mainly, that you don’t care about their time or their preferences. If your business is product-oriented, tap into the tracking tools built into your e-communications and maintain a database to identify who’s buying what and how often. You may not have the resources to individualize campaigns for each client, but you can certainly focus on a product line to up-sell to existing buyers. Service-oriented businesses can do the same too. Although you may not be able to identify the point of intersection between every service transaction and your e-mails, there are ways to mimic electronic functionalities – it just requires some elbow grease. One way to quickly implement this is by bridging your sales and marketing teams. Your salespeople know what clients want, which makes them more equipped to provide communication direction for most, if not all, messages.

Think about all the time you spend creating your e-mails. You want everyone to read them and find value in what your company has to say. But your investment instantly vanishes every time someone decamps with a click. If you’re not doing so already, sift through your metrics, test what works for your clients, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to win back the good e-mail graces of your unsubscribers.

– Natasha Dorsainvil

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