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Use YouTube to Make a Professional Connection

More healthcare professionals are making important connections not through Facebook or LinkedIn, but through video sharing via YouTube – even if they never make a video.

YouTube-DoctorAccording to a recent survey of almost 2,800 healthcare professionals including physicians, 29 percent use YouTube to connect with others in the industry.

YouTube offers unique strengths when it comes to networking. Because it’s owned by the search engine giant Google, it’s easily searchable. YouTube allows people to put more then just a face and a name to someone, like other social networks do. It adds a voice, which can help with credibility, showing authority in a particular subject and ultimately creating a more personal connection with the user.

While physicians can gain new patients by branding themselves an expert in a certain healthcare area on YouTube, that same branding also can get the attention of his or her colleagues. For example, in a doctors’ office, office managers can interact with each other through comments about the video, or by sharing the video in other social networks.

Videos are a great way for a physician to make an initial introduction to new potential patients. By showing you have particular expertise in a specific area, it can lead to new connections and help with patient referrals.

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