Using SlideShare Infographics to Create an Unforgettable Visual Voyage

Contemporary healthcare is bursting with physicians of every background and expertise.  Yes, they all have the eponymous letters “M’ and “D” after their names, but this abbreviation may actually be all they share, when it comes down to it.

That’ s because the path to becoming a physician is unique to each individual.  For while the structure of their education and training will necessarily be similar — taking the MCAT, enrolling in basic med school courses, eventually selecting a residency — their experiential details can be worlds apart.

Now, innovative professional Website SlideShare creates a Professional Journey for its participants.  This feature automatically fashions a dynamic vista encapsulating their professional arc through an artful presentation of details like educational institutions attended, positions held, even endorsements from fellow physicians.

SlideShare simply imports existing data from LinkedIn, which purchased the site in 2012, to create a visually appealing individual history.  SlideShare generates these visualizations in a format that can be published and shared on SlideShare and LinkedIn, as well as via social networking portals Facebook and Twitter.

Slideshare’s design is flexible and adaptive, so profiles are easily viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices.  Plus, in addition to the default profile template, there are other options available so you create a customized look that graphically embodies your professional personality.

For doctors, Professional Journey is the ideal way to showcase information like their curriculum vitae (CV) in an aesthetically pleasing way with unprecedented visual appeal.  Rather than merely present dry details in a linear fashion, SlideShare creates a Professional Journey that breaks out recommendations, education, experience and skills separately, to make personal history come alive beautifully.

To equip your physicians with Slideshare’s Professional Journey tool so they can truly showcase the full range of their talents, contact Wax Custom Communications today at 305-350-5700, or visit

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