Using Social Media For Patient Education

Social media is changing healthcare in a variety of ways. From being used as a tool to give a behind the scene look at what it’s like to work or to receive care to providing updates on cutting-edge medical discoveries and procedures, the medium is providing a large array of information to new audiences.

Social media is now also providing people with a forum to share questions, and receive feedback on health-related questions. This allows patients to have a say in their care.

For a hospital or healthcare facility, participating in social media also has its benefits as now they are perceived as more cutting-edge. Not only is social media great for engagement purposes but its also very powerful when used as a customer-service and recovery tool.

Is your healthcare facility getting the most from social media?  Do you know people are looking for health-related answers that you can answer? Wax Custom Communications can help set you up, monitor, and track your social media performance.

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