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Using Social Media to Promote Your Events

Every medical facility has events. Whether it’s a maternity preparation class, a wellness fair or a blood drive, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are always looking for ways to get the public involved.

While each one of these events is great and can be very insightful, none of that matters if people fail to show up.

In the past, a facility would rely on the newspaper, direct mail and maybe some radio and TV to get bodies through the door. If you missed a deadline, though, the entire marketing campaign could go down in flames.

Nowadays, we’re lucky: There’s something called the Internet. A producer, editor, print house and mailman aren’t required weeks ahead of time to promote your event. Anyone on your staff can become a brand ambassador – whether it’s weeks before your event or just a few minutes away.

With social media, engaging with your audience before an event is critical to its success. People love to be engaged and feel like a part of something bigger.

Here are a few ways to get people excited about your programming schedule:

  • On Instagram, post photos of the previous year’s event as well as short videos of staff expressing their thoughts about the upcoming event.
  • On Facebook, create an event with an engaging photo on your business page. Once that’s done, boost the post. What’s great about boosting is that you can target specific groups. For example, you can target expectant mothers for your maternity preparation class (and not teenage boys who most likely have no interest).
  • On Pinterest, create boards and pins that can show the impact of your events. For instance, show some infographics about the amount of people who can benefit from a typical blood drive. In most cases, people are visual and respond a lot better to photos and videos.

Social media and the Internet are musts in getting the word out before a health-related event. With the right digital strategy, your attendance can skyrocket.

For additional information about promoting your events online, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.