Visual Storytelling: The Power of an Infographic

With the recent growth of Facebook Live and other live-streaming platforms, video has quickly overtaken our social media feeds and phone screens. Text and photos are great, but they can’t compare to watching a live seminar, a concert or even a cute cat video unfold.

Adding video to your organization’s content strategy is a no-brainer, but let’s be realistic: It’s not cheap. While mobile phones and other similar devices can help you create video, they’re still not close to the quality of a full-fledged production (yet).

Enter infographics

For smaller organizations without a big budget, these visually appealing designs can capture audience attention just as well as a video – with much of the same ROI and a fraction of the effort. For larger organizations with a video budget, infographics can add another compelling visual to one’s content strategy.

Here are some more reasons to consider infographics for your marketing efforts:

  1. They increase the odds of your content going viral.

What’s likelier to get your attention on social media: a vibrant graphic or a simple text link? Your eyes are naturally drawn to the more visual of the two. And because all the information is presented in one package right there, users don’t have to click to the article and then click back to share. Removing steps for the user is a win-win for everyone.

  1. They don’t require as much time and effort.

Setting up videos, filming them and editing them can take a lot of resources. Infographics? Not so much. If you have a graphic designer and the relevant information, you’re good. And if you don’t have a designer, sites like can help you put together masterful infographics in no time – no experience needed.

  1. They’re easy to follow and understand.

The healthcare industry is complex – that’s no secret. For medical organizations, being able to break down complex concepts to consumers can be difficult through just regular webpages and emails. Infographics provide your audience with information in an easily-digestible form to get your message across loud and clear.

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