Walk the walk … then talk about it

These days, telling folks how to take charge of their own health by making lifestyle changes is an essential part of healthcare communications. Whether you’re a healthcare plan or hospital, getting out the message about eating a healthy diet, getting exercise and cutting back on stress has far-reaching and well-documented benefits.

Now, look in the mirror. Is your company practicing what it preaches?

Does your office sponsor active co-worker gatherings? How about 5K runs or community bike events? Does the cafeteria offer heart-healthy menu items? How about vending machines stocked with healthy choices? What about lunchtime yoga breaks or after-work boot camps? Are other well-workplace measures available to employees?

At your desk, do you follow steps like these to make you healthier?

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Take a break for an office workout
  • Bring snacks like handfuls of walnuts or almonds instead of relying on the vending machines
  • Devote part of your lunch hour to a power walk with co-workers

If your answers are mostly “yes” – or “yes, we’re going to start doing that” – now, you have a new angle about workplace wellness to share. Track your collective results. Let your social media followers know your progress by posting achievements – weight loss, winning times, successes small and large. Take pictures and share them to inform and inspire.

That’s the kind of story that can influence for good.

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