American Choice Healthcare, an ACO REACH organization, needed to get past gatekeepers and connect powerfully with decision makers in primary care practices to create leads for their sales team. Reaching these extremely busy professionals required a highly targeted, multiplatform approach.


Clearly defining personas of the people most likely to see value in joining an ACO REACH organization (owners, providers, CFOs) gave us a road map for finding and persuading them. A powerful combination of clear, compelling messaging and distinctive branding was then placed where we knew they were spending their time. Reverse-attribution and remarketing were used to find them in their off hours.

Reinforcing key aspects of the offering – better outcomes, more time, increased profitability – primed the targets for direct outreach by the sales team, significantly increasing new business conversions.

Advertising and thought-leadership content was placed in regular rotation on industry publication websites, point-of-care/EHR platforms and on Doximity. Native and programmatic display ads were combined with Google responsive, social and search to increase reach. Hypertargeted LinkedIn Conversation Ads (direct messages), lead-nurturing email drip campaigns and coordinated direct mail drops continued the conversations. Custom landing pages created additional touchpoints and gave us valuable insights into audience engagement.

The effectiveness of this campaign was enhanced by the use of high-quality lead lists and geofencing strategies – minimizing waste coverage and preserving budgets so frequency could be optimized.

This targeted but comprehensive omnichannel approach created the impression of a larger and more powerful brand than would otherwise be possible, resulting in the kind of awareness among prospects that turns cold calls into compelling conversations.



New Providers Joined Network

62% CTR

on LinkedIn DMs

1 Million+