Rebranding a legend like the ChristianaCare Health System was no small feat, but it was way overdue. The avocado green palette and outdated logo no longer matched the organization. It was time to apply a modern, scientific approach.


Commercial and Medicare market data was gathered and analyzed along with existing internal data to quantify utilization patterns. Simultaneously, more than 1,400 people in three states were queried using focus groups, in-depth interviews, online surveys, and “man-on-the-street” tactics to assess brand strength and preference.

Key insights were then unlocked using predictive analytics, and brand possibilities were explored and refined with leadership, including members of the strategy and planning department, in a series of guided creative and strategic workshops.

A vibrant new brand consisting of a bold color palette, modern logo mark and sleek new name, ChristianaCare, emerged.

Like the best brands, it was beautiful, dynamic, distinctive and, most importantly, true to them!

An unbranded teaser campaign utilized bold out-of-home tactics and the latest targeted digital tools to disseminate a series of cryptic questions to create intrigue. Then, a climactic brand reveal pulled back the curtain on the new logo, look and name. It also answered the teaser questions with the new themeline, “FOR THE LOVE OF HEALTH,” artfully articulating the ChristianaCare mission to serve with love.

The journey continues with a multiyear, omnichannel advertising campaign. Traditional tactics have been integrated with innovative approaches like influencer marketing, geofencing, AI-powered responsive search and display, microsegmented social media, dynamic video content, POP marketing, and more.


ChristianaCare soared from No. 157 to No. 43, earning the title of the nation’s most improved healthcare brand according to an AHA study. Not surprisingly, brand awareness and preference also skyrocketed, with double-digit increases in both.


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