Mount Sinai South Nassau wanted to change their image as a sleepy community hospital so they could compete with the giants in the New York market. What they desperately needed was more patients. We helped them get both.


A dramatic campaign that looked nothing like typical hospital advertising was envisioned. Called Truth in Medicine, it combined stunning visual images with thought-provoking questions to drive consumers to a custom microsite for answers.

Using block-level demographic, socioeconomic and psychographic data from Esri, tapestry segments were created to identify topics and activities of interest to the market – all which drove the creative and editorial direction. Those insights led to questions like, “Does hair dye cause cancer?” and “Is too much coffee bad for you?”

Multivariate testing using the Taguchi orthogonal array methodology helped us quickly identify creative and messaging that overindexed with audiences and, therefore, decide what to include in the main campaign. 

People connect with content that seems especially relevant to them. Truth in Medicine leveraged that alignment to find and engage with new patients.


With the proliferation of misinformation running rampant on the internet, the campaign drove home the point that Mount Sinai South Nassau’s physicians are experts who can be trusted. It also raised the profile and cultural relevance of the brand by infusing new energy and creating social media buzz.

Most importantly, it brought double-digit increases in patient volume in the first year across all promoted service lines!


More Patients


Increase in Brand Awareness