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Influencer Marketing: Community Care Plan

Reaching the Hard-to-Reach


Community Care Plan is a local, nonprofit provider of health insurance for Floridians. One of their main services is offering Medicaid- and Florida Healthy Kids-eligible members support and access to essential healthcare.

Part of that support is community education. Unfortunately, navigating the healthcare arena isn’t exactly easy. Complex healthcare jargon and social factors like education and income are just a few of the obstacles that Community Care Plan faces in communicating with members. And among Hispanics in South Florida – CCP’s primary audience – there’s another big barrier: the health misconceptions and myths passed down by generations.


Using our market research and our team’s personal experience growing up in Miami, Wax developed the Abuela Says campaign. Grandmothers are seen as an authoritative household figure across cultures, and that’s especially true in Latin households. We saw an opportunity to debunk health myths with humor by leveraging the power of local social media influencer Jenny Lorenzo.

Over the years, the Cuban-American celebrity has gained a following for her relatable content, some of which involves portraying an abuela in hilarious situations. Together, we created a series of videos using that character to break through the noise and share the truth about common misconceptions.

These three videos covered the following myths:

• Vicks VapoRub cures everything.
• Using antibiotics can treat colds and fevers.
• When you’re pregnant, you need to eat for two.

The clips were circulated to Lorenzo’s 1 million+ following and supported by paid social advertising across the following channels:

• Organic Instagram Reels
• Organic TikTok
• TikTok Ads
• Facebook Ads
• Instagram Stories Ads
• Display Ads


The campaign was an immediate success, being met with strong engagement as well as comments of gratitude and relatability across all platforms from the consumers’ audiences as well as from healthcare professionals. The positive sentiment generated by the influencer’s organic posts versus the lack of comments in the paid ads is a testament to the power of leveraging social media influencers and the relationships they’ve cultivated with their audiences.

Abuela Says generated the following results in the first six weeks:

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