What Are You Doing With Your Old Content?

So you’ve put your blog post out into the world, and it’s gotten its fair share of likes and other engagement. Now what? If you think “one and done” is an effective strategy when it comes to content, think again. Once that initial burst of engagement is over, there’s still some mileage you can get out of content.

Here are four ways to give your content a fresh coat of paint:

  1. Update any statistics. Research-heavy blogs from years ago are probably not as relevant as they used to be. Do an audit of such blogs and other content and spruce them up with new information and data. In the healthcare marketing industry, things can change very fast; change your content to keep up – and surpass – your competitors.
  2. Review old posts for inspiration. If the majority of your work is evergreen, updating it may not make sense; after all, it’s still relevant. Instead, reevaluate the content and see if you can create new media from it. That blog post you wrote could make for a nice info graphic, interactive guide or video. Look at your content from all angles and see what works best.
  3. Add old content to your social media schedule. Stressing out over social media content? Give your old stories a traffic boost by adding them to your regular rotation. Maybe that story you posted a few months back didn’t resonate at the time, but now it might. You won’t know unless you try.
  4. Use old content as a portfolio. Backlinking continues to be a crucial part of search engine optimization. Round up your best content and turn it into a portfolio to prove your expertise. This supporting evidence should help open the door for guest blogging opportunities, which you can leverage for links to your website.

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