What Makes A Healthcare Website Shine?

Hospital or healthcare websites aren’t always the easiest for customers to work with. Just look at the issues with Healthcare.gov. Many times, people simply don’t understand the language in them.

Here are a few common problems with hospital or healthcare websites and ways to fix them:

Problem: Confusion

Many hospital and healthcare websites don’t give clear direction to patient-specific content.

Solution: Get to the point.

Web users are inpatient, and inclined to click away if they don’t see what they are looking for right away. Web copy should be simpler and shorter than print copy, as well as more direct, specific, and conversational – all at the same time.

Problem: Downloadable medical forms

Many hospital and healthcare websites put medical forms online so that people can print and fill them out ahead of time, which in theory should make the experience quicker when they arrive at the facility, but that’s not always the case. Medical forms are usually very hard to understand.

Solution: Create easy to understand medical forms

Create medical forms people can understand. Include the essential information you need and omit some of the more complicated questions. Also, include a live chat or FAQ page nearby in case a customer does have questions.

Problem: Too much content

If you publish too much content, your site begins to be cluttered and you begin to ask more time of your users to invest in sifting through it all to find the right answer.

Solution: Design user-friendly pages

Design readable Web pages with sharp, crisp print, and not too much of it, so it is easy to scan. If there are pictures or illustrations make sure they support and enhance the content.

It’s important to keep your website up-to-date, so that your customers can rely on it for current information and important news. Make sure to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs, so you can continue to serve them well.

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