What Makes for Good Content?

When it comes to social media and blogging, many businesses face the same obstacle: figuring out what to post.

Content doesn’t have to be complex or hard to create. You simply need to tell a story and not be too salesy. Here are a few examples of good content that will resonate with your readers:


For the most part, people live extremely stressful and busy lives. Social networks provide a nice break from it all. By offering a positive written or video testimonial of a patient who had a successful operation, you’re sure to drum up a bunch of likes, shares and retweets.

People love a happy ending. Why not give it to them by having your patient share a success story?

Educational Posts

People also love learning new things. From healthy eating to exercise tips, educating your audience makes you look like an authority in your line of work. In turn, this helps your brand become more trustworthy – which is always a plus when your reader is looking for a healthcare facility.

Other People’s Content

In online marketing, you can get penalized for duplicating content – with one big exception. Sharing content is welcomed and encouraged on social media.

By sharing other people’s content, you can start building relationships with influencers and reduce your need for original content. This helps save resources and ensures you have a steady stream of posts. And when you do have original content, odds are that people will reciprocate and share your posts.

Creating great content does take time but doesn’t need to be stressful – there really isn’t a right or wrong. Simply test various types of content and see what works best for your audience.

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