Why companies need e-newsletters

Visit any major company’s website and somewhere on the homepage, you’re bound to find an invitation to subscribe to their e-newsletters. Why is this a web staple? Because businesses, especially those involved in e-commerce, find that e-newsletters are an effective means of driving traffic to their websites, engaging and informing their core audience and identifying the needs of customers using built-in interactive features. Companies outside of the e-commerce circle have caught on, realizing that any effective e-marketing plan should include e-newsletters because they offer measurable gains much like those found in e-commerce environments.

With a growing number of businesses increasing their e-mail marketing budgets in 2009, marketers must be aware of the components that make up a successful e-campaign. There are four key areas companies should consider when sending e-communications in the form of e-newsletters:

Audience – You know that two types of audiences exist in business: B2B and B2C. Your audience, of course, will dictate your message, but there’s more to your audience than simply choosing to whom you want to speak. Get a list together and segment it to better target messages to people who will actually respond.

Message – Multiple messages can be included in an e-newsletter, but all those messages must relate to the business at hand. Make it compelling, valuable, scannable and a quick read.

Format – Establishing a layout for your e-newsletter can mean one of two things: choosing what is easiest for your company or choosing what is best for your audience. Both options are justifiable, so your company must decide which one is most advantageous with regard to ROI.

Frequency – To maintain brand credibility, you must have a set schedule for sending your e-newsletter. Whether you send daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly issues, you have to remain consistent. Otherwise, your company may be perceived as disorganized, inoperative or ingratiating, especially if the content of the e-newsletter is wholly company-focused.

– Natasha Dorsainvil