Why read digital editions?

A new survey looks at the growing popularity of digital editions.

There are lots of reasons, according to a recent survey of digital magazine and newspaper readers conducted by digital edition provider Texterity.

Subscribers like digital editions because they’re environmentally friendly, easy to save and searchable. Their readers say they’re using websites, social media and e-newsletters more this year than last.

Digital readers move quickly, too – 92 percent of those surveyed read their issue within a week, and more than half read it on the same day. Other reasons for reading digital ranged from the efficient – “You can click straight onto links for websites” – to the pragmatic: “Doesn’t clutter my office or house like magazines do.”

And increasing numbers of readers want to see digital editions delivered to their smartphones.

Sharing stories, or entire publications, via e-mail is another appealing feature of digital editions. It’s the newer, speedier way for your boss to let you know about a competitor’s product or Aunt Carol to send you that cake mix recipe that calls for a can of tomato soup.

And there’s always the digital wastebasket for the latter.

– Gretchen Schmidt

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