Why You Need an Analytics Expert on Your Team

Why You Need an Analytics Expert on Your Team

Once you’ve created and executed a digital marketing campaign, what are you doing with the data you collect? You are collecting data about how your campaigns are performing, right?

Is your organization using that data to improve future marketing efforts? Or is it falling to the wayside?

Data can make or break future initiatives, and having someone who can sift through that data, make sense of it and apply that knowledge is critical. Here’s why:

  1. An analytics expert can help you better allocate resources.  When you have analytics coming in from multiple outlets like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Insights and others, it’s a lot to keep track of. This is especially true in smaller organizations where it’s common for employees to wear several hats. In those situations, data can easily fall through the cracks.

Having a dedicated team member analyzing the minutia and seeing how it affects the bigger marketing picture can save you significant money. With their findings, you’ll be able to reallocate resources to initiatives with higher ROI and eliminate marketing waste.

  1. An analytics expert can help you better understand your audience. Are your website visitors spending more time on certain pages of your website than others? Are your clients using specific search terms to find one of your products or services? Being able to track consumer behavior and act upon it can mean the difference between someone filling out your lead form or heading to a competitor’s website.

For example: If one of your webpages is attracting a lot of traffic for laser spinal surgery but has a high bounce rate, your analytics expert can drill down and see how to make sure that page sticks. Their recommendations could include more consumer-friendly content, a shorter lead form, interactive elements or the like that will encourage your prospects to take action.

  1. An analytics expert can help you better understand your competitors. Not only can an analytics expert offer insights on your company’s marketing but they can also provide you with more information about your competitors. Using competitive analysis tools like SEMRush and Compete, an analytics expert can track the site rankings, keyword information and other relevant metrics of your peers. And through this data, you can adjust your marketing efforts to chip away at their market share.

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