Blogging in Healthcare

Why You Should Be Blogging

The word “blog” has been a buzzword for years. Many use it as a noun, and others as a verb. No matter how you use the term, though, one thing is for sure: a blog is essential for any business in 2016.

Here are just a few reasons why blogging is so important:

The Authority Factor

Every company, including your competitors, probably touts that they are experts on this and experts on that. In today’s digital age, people look right through those empty words. A blog, though, backs up that expertise.

In addition, if you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful and/or educational to your customer (or potential customer), it will establish your business as an authority on that specific topic or industry. A blog is a great source for providing information that these same customers could be looking for. If you can solve their problem, you’ll not only gain credibility with them, but word of mouth will spread.

The Search Engine Factor

When you build your website, you create a homepage, an about us page and a contact page at the minimum. For the most part, that information stays completely static until it is time to build a new website. Google, Bing and Yahoo, though, are always hungry for fresh content to index on the search engines.

A blog provides the search engines with exactly that. The more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you have for Google and the like. This means more opportunities to get found when someone does a search for the content you are putting out.

So now that you know why to blog, what type of content should you blog about? A good rule of thumb is start with simple content that is easy for a reader to comprehend. For example, start by providing a solution to a common problem.

Another idea is to do a thorough audit of existing content or internal communications. In many of these situations, you can take something that was published internally and update it without the proprietary info. This can help showcase the inside of the brand and philosophy of the company.

Remember a blog doesn’t have to just be text. A photo or infographic are great items to include as well as a native video or audio file.

A blog is a long-term marketing asset that has the ability to bring traffic and leads to your business. Don’t neglect it.

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