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Your Employees Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 54 percent of engaged employees read content by their company through social media portals. In addition, 40 percent cite their company’s social media communication as their top source for staying informed on important company news.

As Facebook’s organic reach diminishes and Twitter still struggles to generate meaningful engagement, your employees are the simplest and brightest way to distribute your information to the masses: they’re your brand’s unofficial social media ambassadors.

Because healthcare is subject to HIPAA privacy laws, though, it is essential that your marketing department develop a clear strategy and policy regarding how employees can properly act the part of ambassador. You can’t have your employees uploading inappropriate images that violate patient confidentiality, for example, as happens all too often at hospitals these days, leading to negative press and, ultimately, lawsuits.

It’s standard to feature posts and Tweets that talk about current and upcoming events, but general news and health tips are also helpful, and can add a patient education component to your media profile. Personalized posts about company accomplishments and employee achievements are always a good idea, and can help personalize your company by giving it a human face.

Let’s say one of your physicians was successful with a new procedure. Tag that doctor in posts and Tweets that showcase her accomplishment. More than likely, this physician will be happy to receive the recognition and will share and retweet that post with her followers, expanding your reach organically.

Social media is about being social – and all companies have personalities. Just use common sense about what you post. And remember, it’s always a good idea to ask permission ahead of time before you mention a specific employee, since not everyone likes publicity, and you have to respect personal preference.

For additional social media best practices and training, along with assistance in putting a policy in place for your employees and healthcare facility, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.