Your Guide to Writing Better Blog Headlines

Getting traffic to your healthcare blog can be a challenge. With so much content out there, you need to put up a good fight for people’s attention.

As a result, your blog’s headline is one of the most important elements of a post. If you have a horrible blog title, you’re probably not going to get many clicks.

So how do you create good headlines?

Choose Your Words Wisely

Several studies from marketing giant Hubspot note that having the word “photo” in your headline can increase clicks. Conversely, avoid words such as “magic,”“free,” “easy” and “simple.” Because these terms are often associated with sales, most people will ignore them.

Keep Your Headlines Short

If you plan on syndicating your blog or article on social media, you want to keep your headline’s character count at 117 characters or fewer. If you want your entire title to be displayed in search results without getting cut off, keep your characters at around 65. In general, though, studies show that click-thru rate is highest when you keep titles between 81 and 100 characters.

The world of medicine is a very competitive space. You could have the best blog post in the world, but it’s all for naught if nobody clicks on it. If you have a strong headline, you’re already ahead of the game.

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