Content Audit

3 Tips for an Effective Content Audit

If your healthcare organization has been around for a while, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated a wealth of content during that time. Is it worth having all that content around? Odds are that some of that content is dated — or worse, irrelevant. And if consumers land on those pages, that information will likely leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Doing a content audit every once in a while can help you clean up your site and even provide inspiration for future content. Here are three things to keep in mind when reviewing your archives:

1. Look at the traffic. During a deep dive into your content, you’ll likely find articles and other media that you’ll be able to “red flag” instantly. Maybe you’ll find a story about a one-off event years ago. Maybe you’ll come across a video touting services that are no longer offered by your organization. Before you delete them forever, look at your traffic patterns to see if these pages are worth salvaging. If they are indeed big traffic drivers, update the page with the latest information instead of eliminating it and losing all those curious visitors.

2. Take site speed into account. If you have pages overflowing with videos and large media, you may have an eye-catching site, but you may be upsetting your audience. Sure, videos can be compelling, but if your visitors are waiting and waiting for something to load, they’ll likely head elsewhere. Remember, not everyone has high-speed Internet. Remove unnecessary media or compress the files to speed up your site.

3. Remove redundant pages. If you have multiple pages on the same subject, consider consolidating them. Having more pages on your site means more ways for prospects to find you, but you’re doing it at the expense of user friendliness. Search engines are not your target audience – humans are. If getting rid of redundant pages can help you make navigation easier, it’s worth it.

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