Brand Strategies

Let’s face it, most healthcare brands are boring.

And boring, ho-hum brands don’t grow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve rebranded 12 companies in the past 2 years, including one that shot to the top in a national study by the AHA.

Those brands have seen a 35%+ increase in business.

Our RISER Process for branding is simple and effective. And our online brand guidelines make it easy for you to use your new brand correctly.

So, when you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to go!

Let’s get branding.

See how we created the AHA Most Improved Healthcare Brand in the Nation here, and read these six reasons why you should consider focusing on internal branding here.

Patient Acquisition

In healthcare today, patients have the power.

With a few clicks, they’re finding providers, reading reviews, checking ratings, and much more. And they’re using tools like WebMD to educate themselves.

Our M3D Methodology uses the power of those online actions to find patients when they’re looking for help. Then, we leverage state-of-the-art digital tools and dynamic creative to persuade them to choose you over your competitors.

That powerful combination led to a 32% increase in patient volume for one recent client. And it can work for you.

So, stop wasting money on unfocused advertising.

And start hitting your ROI goals – with a data-driven patient acquisition strategy.

Here’s how we increased patient volume 32% for a Long Island, NY hospital.

B2B Engagement

Time is money. And businesspeople are always short on both.

Earning their attention is the ultimate challenge. Our proprietary EngagementEngine can help you rise to the occasion.

Thoughtfully produced high-value content, delivered seamlessly, will position you as an expert and burnish your brand. Then, persuasive appeals will help you close more deals.

Last year, we doubled the provider network for one of our ACO clients. And their LinkedIn Conversation Ad campaign had an unbelievable 62% click-through rate.

Read about it here.

It’s time to stop spamming and start jamming more and better B2B leads down your sales funnel.

Technology Solutions

Understanding and using the latest martech tools can be overwhelming.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve already done the work.

By partnering with top-tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Meta, plus newer kids on the block with cool names like CrazyEgg, Hotjar, Grin and El Toro, we maximize marketing ROI by minimizing waste.

See how we did it for Nestle when we increased users of their cancer nutrition product by a whopping 95% here. Then, let us do it for you!

Instead of agonizing over algorithms, let’s embrace the power of progress.


1. Market share & referral patterns data
2. Patient origin & access data
3. Esri data & GIS mapping
4. Keyword trends data
5. Media intelligence


1. Man-on-the-street & 1:1 interviews
2. Focus groups
3. Consumer & internal surveys
4. SWOT analysis
5. Competitor analysis


1. Persona development
2. Patient/customer journey mapping
3. Signal mapping
4. Ideal audience identification
5. Multivariate testing


1. Brand positioning
2. Brand identity
3. Naming
4. Brand strategy
5. Web design & development


1. Creative development
2. Social, display & search
3. SEO
4. Content creation
5. Traditional advertising


1. Planning & placing
2. Monitoring & pacing
3. Performance reporting
4. Analysis & optimization
5. AI experiments & integrations

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