4 Ways to Better Distribute Your Content

Does your healthcare organization have something to say? If so, how are you getting your message across? If you’re strictly relying on social media posts and blogs, you’re probably not doing enough to get the word out. Take a look at your distribution strategy and see if it’s working. Odds are you can do better – consider these effective options:

1. Guest posts/appearances. Instead of posting something on your organization’s own blog, do some outreach and pitch some other outlets. If you have a medical expert on staff, research and see if there are any interview/writing opportunities for them. By getting your name out there on different industry sites, you can make a name for yourself more quickly.

2. Webinars. Build up your lead generation efforts by hosting a webinar. Again, having an expert on a certain topic on staff is crucial. Because a webinar allows interaction with an audience (e.g., audience questions), it’s a prime opportunity to build rapport with prospects and other industry experts. Use this two-way street to your advantage.

3. Whitepapers. Put your expertise on paper – well, the internet. Unlike blogs, which are usually shorter in length, whitepapers offer a chance to really expound on a subject. It’s not unheard of to have a whitepaper in the 20- to 30-page range. If you have the resources to put one together – either in house or by outsourcing – creating a whitepaper and having people sign up to access it can not only boost your “expert” reputation, but also increase your prospect numbers.

4. Paid Advertising. Unfortunately, the internet – especially social media – is becoming a “pay-to-play” battleground. Not all organizations have the funds, but if you do, there’s no question that paid advertising can do wonders in terms of instant traffic and results. Just remember to keep quality score in mind when producing your ads or you risk throwing all that money away.

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