Building Trust: What to Do Before Launching a New Healthcare Service Campaign

Building Trust: What to Do Before Launching a New Healthcare Service Campaign

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair,” reads a well-known proverb. Given that few healthcare companies have forever in which to fix things, it’s best if they don’t break the trust in the first place.

For trust even to enter the equation, you need to build it. When your organization is planning a new service campaign, you need to incorporate ways of building your audience’s trust right from the beginning.

Why Building Trust is Important

Health is every individual’s most important asset, as well as the area in which we can be the most vulnerable. It takes trust to allow anyone to perform interventions that can affect health.

Trust is based on belief that an organization has the required competence in knowledge, communication and human/social skills, and that it displays honesty, respect, confidentiality and caring.

Here’s what you can do before launching your campaign to ensure you’ve got these covered.

Address Objections

Personalizing your campaign for your target audience requires you to know their needs, pain points, and limitations. This knowledge brings with it the objections typically raised in response to treatment options.

By addressing these proactively, you allay the fears consumers have right away. This shows you are aware of their concerns, have examined the issues and are being honest and forthcoming before you’re asked.

All these actions help you to hit the right note in your community. You can build trust in your ability to help them and become their healthcare provider of choice.

Get Influencer Endorsements

Getting influencers on board is currently a major trend for building trust in products and services. There is also a growing effort to use “micro-influencers,” or people who are recognized authorities in smaller circles.

Potential customers typically interact on an ongoing basis with their favorite brands and influencers online. Identify the right people to use as promoters, engagers, or even mavericks to provide a range of tactics for building trust in your new service.

Update Your Credentials

Many healthcare marketers don’t realize the importance of the About Us page on websites. It’s always one of the most-read pages, and should never be used as a sales page. Too many companies focus on telling their visitors how well they intend to serve them, but what people are really looking for is indications of why they should trust your company.

If you’re launching a new service, make sure your About Us page includes your credentials for practicing the discipline. Keeping it updated shows you have the relevant competencies to provide the service, care enough to ensure the customer has access to the information, and either have or are prepared to pay for the skills required to keep the site current.

If any of those don’t apply, why should people trust you with their precious health assets?

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