Differentiating the Customer Experience: What Makes You Stand Out?

Differentiating the Customer Experience: What Makes You Stand Out?

Do you dare to be different? In a world where healthcare companies all jostle to be No. 1, it can be challenging to provide a unique customer experience that differentiates your organization and builds your brand identity.

This is especially important for smaller practices because they are forced to compete—albeit indirectly—against the bigger clinics and hospitals. Here are 4 ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

How many of these are part of your current healthcare marketing strategy?

Make Decisions Based on Data

Former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale once said, “If you have facts, present them and we’ll use them. But if you (only) have opinions, we’re gonna use mine.” Deciding ways to successfully improve your customers’ experience takes careful analysis of available data from both your healthcare organization and your competitors.

How to do this: Leverage your first-party data to discover what your current consumers want and need, and combine it with second- and third-party data to determine who your prospective customers are and what will bring them into the fold.

Develop a Digital ‘Doorway’

The vast majority of consumers expect providers to have a strong online presence these days. Without a digital doorway, you risk appearing second-rate and out-of-date. Make sure your website contains your contact information, location, and directions. It should showcase your specialty areas, the services you provide, and conforms to best user experience practices in terms of speed, quality and information.

How to do this: Develop a website that’s simple, effective and visually appealing. It should act as a central hub for communicating with your patients online and include your social media profiles.

Create Quality Educational Content

For your company to stand out with current and prospective customers, it’s necessary to encourage trust in your abilities. One of the best ways to do this is with data-driven educational content, such as information on various conditions you treat, the advances in medical science, and other informative materials that increase health literacy by helping patients understand their healthcare issues and your approach to treatment.

How to do this: Develop a resource library, blog or a collection of explainer videos, all of which are great ways to improve your customers’ experience and differentiate your practice from competitors.

Keep Up with Technology

Every day, patients and consumers hear about the changes technology is bringing to almost every facet of their lives. Healthcare is no exception, and it’s imperative for a growing and successful business to keep up with technological developments.

New methods of using social media to connect, scheduling appointments online, refilling prescriptions, and even participating in telemedicine might sound like a proverbial pain in the neck, but for patients who previously had the frustration of trying to get through on the telephone, they are a welcome relief.

How to do this: Develop the right digital engagement platform that works for your company and patients, and you’ll differentiate your practice from other similar-sized organizations.

The healthcare industry is a-changing, but one aspect that remains the same is the importance of customer experience in reaching the audience you serve. This makes it important for your brand experience to be consistent, to align with your customers’ needs and expectations, and to be cohesive across all the touch points.

For more information on differentiating your healthcare customer experience, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.

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