Hypertargeted Tech Can Move Anyone to Action

In the 2021-2022 flu season, a staggering 194 million Americans ignored a potentially lifesaving choice – the flu vaccine. The CDC reports that only 51.4% of the nation embraced this crucial preventative measure.

The question that looms large is, why? It’s not a lack of awareness that holds people back; it’s the challenge of transforming knowledge into action. The game changer? A solutions-based approach to hyper-personalization that motivates people to take charge of their health.

By blending technology, insights and creative brilliance you can mobilize almost any audience to safeguard their health and that of their loved ones. Here’s how we did it for one top 50 health system.

Give Them Something to Relate To

The critical first step on this journey was understanding our audience. Recognizing that age, family status, and individual circumstances all play a crucial role in determining the motivations and barriers to vaccination, we crafted a campaign that spoke directly to three key demographics: families, seniors and single people.

  1. Seniors – Protect Yourself from Serious Harm: Seniors are among the most vulnerable to the flu. Our campaign tailored messages to this group, emphasizing the importance of flu vaccination in safeguarding their health and avoiding hospitalization. We highlighted the benefits of flu shots in preventing complications and maintaining an active lifestyle. Additionally, we promoted convenient vaccination locations and provided reassurance about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
  1. Families – Shield Your Loved Ones: For families, the focus was on protecting loved ones, especially children and elderly relatives. Messages emphasized the role of vaccination in preventing the spread of the flu within households. We highlighted the convenience of family vaccination appointments, making it easier for parents to ensure everyone in their household received the flu shot.
  1. Single Individuals – Flu-Proof Your Social Life: Singles, especially young adults, often prioritize their social lives. Our messaging for this group revolved around keeping social calendars full and uninterrupted by the flu. We highlighted how getting the flu shot could help them avoid missed gatherings, canceled plans, and the inconvenience of being sick during the holiday season. The campaign also used light-hearted, relatable language to engage this demographic.

Motivation Magic

Once we had personalized and persuasive appeals, we leveraged a variety of tech and tactics to reach each audience effectively in places where our data told us they were already spending their time.

  • Social Media: We placed highly targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach different segments of our audience with tailored messaging and visuals. We leveraged Meta’s powerful automation technology and insights to deliver relevant info to each group.
  • YouTube Videos: Engaging and informative YouTube videos were created to reach a broader audience, providing detailed information on flu vaccinations and step-by-step guides for families, seniors and single people. This enhanced the campaign’s educational aspect and built trust among viewers.
  • Google Responsive Display Ads: This technology allowed us to showcase ads optimized by Google’s AI and targeted precisely by us to each audience across the Google Ad Network, adapting them to fit every device type and placement possibility, further personalizing the message.
  • Google Display Network Ads: We expanded our campaign reach by using the Google Display Network to showcase captivating ads on websites and apps popular among our targeted demographics. These visually appealing ads included personalized messages and images appropriate for each group.
  • Live Radio Reads: Using the power of live radio reads with local radio personalities, we delivered genuine flu vaccination messages during live broadcasts. This enabled us to engage our audiences in real-time during specific moments such as their daily commute. A concise, 15-second radio script conveyed key information about flu vaccinations, making an impact in a short time frame.
  • Bus Shelter Messaging: Strategically placed bus shelter ads targeted mass-transit commuters, a particularly vulnerable and difficult to reach audience, with easily digestible information about flu shots.

In healthcare marketing, personalization, targeting and tech are the keys to success. This campaign demonstrated how tailoring messages to different demographics can drive engagement and, ultimately, motivate people to take action to manage their health.

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