Google Perspectives: What You Need to Know

Have you played around with Google’s new mobile filter, Perspectives? Better yet, have you even heard about it?

This past weekend, Google began the rollout of its new Perspectives filter in mobile search results. The name says it all: When users make a search query, they’ll be presented with a new tab that highlights video, image and written content from others’ experiences and, ahem, perspectives. Think user-submitted content like forum posts, Q&A site submissions and – of course – social media.

Here’s one example straight from Google that shows Perspectives at work: “Let’s say you’re moving across the country, and you don’t know anyone who lives there yet. You search for “how to make friends in a new city,” and tap the Perspectives filter, which shows you a page of results with advice from other people, like personal stories told through video, or tips from commenters in a forum thread.”

The functionality may be brand new, but we already have some ideas on leveraging it for more effective healthcare marketing:

  • Sourcing patient stories and testimonials
  • Monitoring your organization’s online reputation
  • Staying top of mind for new movers looking for healthcare services
  • Finding influencers and noteworthy voices that can help bolster your brand

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, click here for a perspective on Google Perspectives.

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