How a Mini Marketing Boost Helped Mini-Medical School Break Records

Helping our clients find success in what they set out to achieve always feels good. When that success sets their personal record, it’s worth sharing a word or two about.

This success comes in the form of an exciting event—Mini-Medical School—created by ChristianaCare, the largest health system in Delaware and hosted in conjunction with the Delaware Academy of Medicine and Delaware Public Health Association.

Mini-Medical School is a free, online event series that gives people of all ages an inside look at the careers and day-to-day responsibilities of medical professionals across a variety of specialty areas.

Something for Everyone
The virtual event series consists of six weekly sessions, with the option to register for any of them individually or join in for all sessions. Each session is led by subject matter experts from the ChristianaCare team, specializing in:

  • Sports medicine
  • Childhood development
  • Anesthesiology
  • Telehealth
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Trauma-informed care

The target audience is broad and includes participants at various levels of interest and career status — a practicing physician curious about a career change, a medical student looking for insight on specialty fields, or a high-school student with dreams of being a doctor.

Attendees learn about important trends in diagnosing and treating illness and general health topics. Faculty will provide in-depth lectures and allow time for questions. No previous medical training is required. Participants who attend all six sessions will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

How We Helped: Amplifying Attendance
ChristianaCare asked Wax to assist in promoting the Mini-Medical School event. So, our marketing monsters went to the lab to create the right mix of tactics and channels to amplify awareness for the event and drive registrations.

Our omnichannel strategy incorporated a mixture of traditional and digital efforts, including local print publications, paid social media efforts and digital advertising on a popular local news site. With the event available to all ages, this mix helped encompass a wider range of demographics.

Record-Setting Results
At the conclusion of the six-week series, we learned just how successful these efforts had been. A member of the ChristianCare team shared and celebrated the results of the 2022 Mini-Medical School with our team, met with excitement and pride in helping them exceed expectations.

The combined number of registrations for all classes totaled 5,999. With many participants signing up for multiple classes, we were able to see the depth of interest in the event and view the number of unique participants vs. recurring. These numbers far exceeded those of last year on every level.

The first session received 1009 unique registrations, with an attendance of 577. A recent report from data-driven webinar platform, ON24, names the average conversion rate for webinar attendance at 55% and even lower for educational content, ~36%.

With a conversion rate of more than 57% for the first session of this educational series, it was clear that we had reached the right audiences with a sincere interest. In terms of registrations, the top three areas of interest emerged as: Anesthesiology, Childhood Development, and Trauma-Informed Care. A record number of 118 participants also received their unique certificate for completion of all six sessions.

The success of this year’s Mini-Medical School event fills our monster hearts with pride, and we are already looking forward to breaking that record all over again next year.

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