Internal Marketing: The Key to Employee Engagement

We spend a lot of time focusing on marketing to external audiences, but internal marketing is just as important to your organization. Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Corporate NewsMay is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your internal communications for a happier, healthier workplace. Multiple employee-focused, health care events are taking place – and now is your chance to capitalize.

This entire month is Employee Health and Fitness Month, and just this past week was National Nurses week. A few other events – like National Hospital Week – are currently underway. What are some ways to get your employees excited about events like these and increase overall engagement?

  1. Do Your Research: Just like market research is a critical part of external marketing, it’s a critical part of internal marketing, too. Getting input from employees via online surveys and other means allows you to really tap into their interests and invite collaboration. Knowing that their input is appreciated will help boost their morale and help you create more effective internal marketing activities.
  2. Stay in Touch: Your employees will never know about internal happenings if you aren’t talking about it. Regular communications are an important part of employee engagement; consistent and continuous messaging like a monthly email newsletter or e-zine can keep workers aware of what’s going on and encourage them to take action.
  3. Recognize Achievements: This goes hand in hand with constant internal communications. Keeping employees informed about what the company is doing is great, but keeping them informed about what they are doing for the company reaps even more benefits. Consider highlighting employee milestones on your company’s website or social media channels. Because of this personalization, they’re more likely to share that content with friends and family – and others outside their network.
  4. Keep Things Simple: When it comes to marketing to your employees, simpler is better. Instead of book-length emails and other long-winded content, consider a more user-friendly approach using informative infographics and other easy-to-digest materials. Not only is it more visually appealing, but also it’s more memorable – especially in a world where we’re bombarded with communications left and right.

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