Multi-Platform Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Building a Cohesive, Multi-Platform Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Silos are for farming – not for marketing. The key to successful healthcare marketing is to eliminate “siloed” communications and develop a strategy that incorporates multiple platforms, while creating a seamless brand experience for customers. Here’s how to build a cohesive strategy that engages customers across all touch points.

Determine Core Platforms Used

Conduct in-depth target market research to find out what platforms are accessed most often, and identify which are best suited to reaching your ideal customer. These could include desktop, laptop, mobile devices, television, radio, video sites like YouTube or social media sites.

The more detailed your knowledge of prospective customers, the more likely you are to create messages that reach them. A primary benefit of research is segmentation, which breaks up your audience into specific groups to make your reach more effective.

Develop Custom Content

Personalization generates powerful leads, but it requires you to scientifically apply custom criteria to each iteration of your message, depending on whether it’s destined for audio, TV, print or digital distribution. Each platform comprises various media channels, such as search and social media within the digital arena, and news, magazines and outdoor advertising in the print arena.

Healthcare content not only needs customization for the channel through which it’s distributed but also personalization for potential clients. Big data makes this possible by identifying our ideal customer personas and then building look-alike audiences to target.

Leverage Data for Lead-Nurturing

Generating leads is the first part of the equation, but what you do with them makes the difference between profit and loss. Statistics from SalesRadar show 80 percent of leads are not followed up in time by sales teams, but marketing automation allows us to prioritize leads based on criteria that identify the prospect’s location in the buying journey.

For your multi-platform healthcare marketing strategy to be cohesive, you shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to transfer data from one platform to another. Look for platforms that “talk” to each other in which data can be easily integrated, delivering insights and communications at the click of the mouse.

Principles of a Cohesive Strategy

To create marketing efforts that complement each other, treat your campaigns as one large project instead of individual ones, with the leaders working as a team. Use recurring objects, items or themes through each piece of the strategy to maintain consistency.

Develop a marketing “center of excellence” to streamline your content and leverage it through multiple platforms, which enables deeper, enhanced access to prospects, while increasing the brand awareness in key markets.

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