Spruce Up Your “Meet the Team” Pag

Spruce Up Your “Meet the Team” Page

Your healthcare organization’s website isn’t just a place to showcase the company portfolio – it’s also a prime opportunity to showcase your talent. By shining the spotlight on your workers, you’re humanizing your company. People are more likely to work with you rather than a faceless corporation with a cookie-cutter website. 

A great Meet the Team page also helps improve internal morale by making employees feel important. Of course, not all Meet the Team pages are one size fits all. Organizations made up of hundreds of employees aren’t going to highlight all their workers – that’s just not feasible. In that case, it might make sense to just focus on the leadership team. 

Here are some other things to keep in mind when deciding to highlight your workers:  

  1. Be consistent. If one of your employee’s photos was shot on a smartphone while the other was taken on a professional set up, people will notice. To avoid little inconsistencies like this, schedule a photo shoot in the office. People can still have fun with their outfits and poses, but backgrounds will be consistent as will photo quality. 
  2. Be honest. If your company is more of a buttoned-up organization, then stick with that image and keep bios short and to the point. If it’s more of a casual workplace, then flaunt it: Highlight workers’ interests and quirks. Don’t try to be something you’re not – it will seem forced and out of place. 
  3. Be adaptable. Your Meet the Team page – and the rest of your site — should be easy to navigate regardless of device. You want the experience to be seamless across mobile, desktop and other avenues of access. Once you have your design down, test it on different platforms to ensure everything is working okay.

Need help designing your Meet the Team page – or your whole website? Contact the experts at Wax Custom Communication by visiting waxcom.com or calling 305-350-5700. 

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