The Pros and Cons of Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing has made it easier than ever for hospitals to reach prospects. Gone are the days of “spray and pray” tactics. Thanks to technological advancements, we can ensure that our messages reach the right audiences at the right times.

This ability to tailor your message to a certain group of people increases ROI dramatically. Such personalization makes your targets feel like much more than… Well, a target. However, targeted marketing is not without its pitfalls.

Below, we dissect targeted marketing to help you better understand – and master – this powerful tool.

Pro: Flexibility

There are multiple ways to target prospects: age, gender, marital status, interests, etc. By being able to segment your audiences, you can make sure that your message goes to your market and your market only; you end up avoiding those who have no interest in your services.

For example: maternity services. Without targeted marketing, everyone is seeing your messages. Yes, some moms will see your message. But so will teenage boys and other groups who aren’t your market. When you use targeted marketing, your message only goes to the people likeliest to convert.

Con: Narrow-Mindedness

This con isn’t so much about targeted marketing as it is a consequence of targeted marketing. Because targeted marketing allows segmentation at a micro-level, it’s common for marketers to lose sight of other efforts like branding.

You need a constant funnel of prospects for success. If you’re only focused on people likeliest to convert, you won’t have anyone to replace them once they turn into your patients. You need to focus on cold, lukewarm AND hot prospects – not just the hot ones.

Pro: Cost-Efficient

This goes hand in hand with flexibility. By being able to target people meeting the criteria you set, you avoid throwing money away. You only spend money on the people who matter.

In a marketing budget, every dollar counts. Using selective marketing lets you get maximum ROI for minimum investment. If money is tight, this is one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal.

Con: Time-Consuming

As a hospital or medical provider, your patients run the gamut: athletes, adults, teens, babies, people with chronic illnesses … It’s a long list. Developing marketing communications for each of these groups takes time – a lot of time.

And it’s a necessary evil. After a while, your prospects will get tired of your messaging if it’s the same creative over and over again. Developing a regular schedule of marketing communications is essential, and you’re going to need the appropriate resources to make it happen.

Wax Custom Communications has the expertise and resources to make targeted marketing work for you. For help with a selective marketing strategy, contact Wax at 305-350-5700 or visit our website

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