3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Page Speed

Time is money, and this is especially true for page speed. If prospects and customers have to wait too long for your company’s page to load, they’ll go elsewhere; having the internet at our fingertips has spoiled us.

Another reason that page speed matters: It can affect your page rank. Slower sites get pushed down in the search engine results pages, and faster ones get priority. Don’t be left in the dust – try these tips to speed up your site.

Optimize Your Images: Large, hi-resolution images can slow down your website significantly. You don’t need a 50-megabyte file to make your images look good. A 72dpi (dots per inch) file is good enough for web viewing; anything larger will realistically only make a difference if you plan on printing something. If your site is already image-heavy, look at the resolutions and sizes to see if you can be doing a better job.

Limit Your Redirects: Redirects can be helpful tools for website visitors, but they can do number on your page speed; the more redirects on your site, the greater the latency. Don’t redirect to urls that already redirect, and make sure that a redirect goes straight to the target page instead of another intermediary. The fewer the steps, the less likely a redirect will harm your site.

Use a Content Delivery Network: Give your site a break by hosting your images and videos elsewhere. Through a CDN, you can minimize the number of requests that your website makes. In addition, it frees up space on your site that you can use for other content. Another benefit: more security against denial of service attacks. There’s really no reason NOT to use a CDN.

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