Wax Blue prints green

“Going green” and “carbon footprint” made the annual list of banished words for 2009. And while we all may be experiencing a bit of green fatigue, it’s not an option to abandon green principles. Printing and shipping magazines zaps a hefty sum of energy, and that’s why Wax partners with printers and vendors that work toward sustainability. 

Using recycled paper and inks made from renewable resources is responsible but hardly noteworthy. Beyond these superficial green practices, Wax and our partners have implemented measures to reduce the cliché but real carbon footprint created by our magazines.

For example, one of our printers, Quebecor World, has set progressive environmental policies. It records and reports its  CO2 emissions and diverts close to 95 percent of its printing waste from landing in landfills. Additionally, Quebecor has:

  • Replaced older printing equipment with new machines that run on 95 percent less fuel
  • Upgraded to energy-efficient lighting
  • Achieved certification from all three major forest certification programs
  • Received the highest rating possible for participation in the U.S. EPA SmartWay shipping program

Whether or not you’re sick of green, it’s time for the publishing industry to rethink how we print our magazines. And no matter how anyone spins it, producing an environmentally responsible product is more than a matter of wordsmithing. 

– Caroline Hatchett

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