Scott delivers five rules of online marketing

David Meerman Scott opened the Custom Publishing Council’s conference with his keynote address this morning and offered helpful hints on creating your very own “World Wide Rave” (also the name of his latest book). That’s right: Your ideas can be heard and spread via the web to thousands (millions, even) of eager people who are just waiting to be blown away by what you have to say. It’s a whole new world out there – you don’t need to rely on just advertising and PR to reach your peeps anymore. The web now offers so many other ways to not only reach your audience but also engage them in fresh ways. All you have to do is employ his five easy rules (and maaaaybe snag a bit of luck).

1. Nobody cares about your product. (except you)
Instead of hyping your products, create something interesting that’s worth talking about. And get rid of phrases like next generation, robust, easy-to-use, scalable, cutting-edge, turnkey. I’m bored just writing them down here.

2. No coercion required. When you’ve got something WORTH sharing, people will share it – enough said.

3. Lose control. The key here is to make your online info free and shareable and to let go of your messaging. Worried about generating that ROI? You’d be surprised at the kind of measurable success you’ll get by just letting go.

4. Create triggers to share. You’ve got to get involved in online communities where people are sharing. So don’t be shy. Get out there and start making buddies so they will start talking about how awesome you are.

5. Point the world to your virtual doorstep. By following the “Rules of the Rave,” you WILL drive people to your website, which WILL create online buzz and a virtual phenonenon.

Simple, right? So get out there. Stop making excuses. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to get talked about!

– Caitlin Crawford

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