Good web design is in the eye of the beholder, part 1

f-shaped-pattern1When it comes to web design, sometimes striving for an “F” is a good thing.

Such is the case when utilizing one of the more tried and trusted methodologies for design today, the F-shaped pattern. It’s been long proven in the print realm, and now with the web, that understanding human behavior is an important part of layout and design. Specifically when considering Internet readership, usability is of utmost importance. It’s the ultimate balance between designing an attractive AND functional website.

The F-Shaped pattern for web page content relies on eye-tracking studies supported by experts the likes of Jakob Nielsen. Eye tracking is the process of analyzing eye movements to examine how users read websites. 

Readership trends indicate individuals first read across the top of a web page from left to right. Users then typically go to the second left-to-right callout on a page and then browse down the left-hand side of the screen for additional points of interest.  

To be continued

–Steve Iaconis

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