3 Ways to Write for Your Audience

Healthcare is a tricky subject to write about. Whether you’re writing a blog, a landing page, an ad or some other piece of content, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Are you writing for physicians? Are you writing for the “average Joe?” Depending on the target, your writing will be different – you don’t want to bog down a prospect with medical jargon and deep analysis, for example.

Here are three ways to tailor your writing better:

  1. Know their interests. Is your goal to encourage patients to adopt healthier habits? Topics like “How to Improve Your Blood Pressure” or “4 Tips for Healthy Eating” would work well for that audience – and not so much for physicians or other audiences. Similarly, if you’re touting the benefits of a particular surgery at a granule level, that might be of more interest to doctors than consumers – the latter just cares that it works. 
  2. Write like you talk. When you talk to your peers, do you use big, fancy words? Most likely not – especially in a personal setting. Whatever your target audience, there’s one thing everyone can appreciate: clear language. Leave the thesaurus at home, and use simple language to get your point across (unless the situation warrants otherwise). 
  3. Don’t limit your (content) options. Writing a blog might not be the most effective way to reach your audience. Take your copy and put it in a different format. Perhaps an infographic broken into several parts is better than just blocks and blocks of text. Play around with different content types to see which resonates the most. Remember, practice makes perfect.  

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