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4 Tips for Improving Your Content’s Readability

Contrary to popular belief, people still read online content. Although there’s been an undeniable shift to video content, the written word still plays a crucial part in a marketer’s search engine optimization strategy as well as their overall messaging.

Not all written content is effective, though. Attention spans are indeed getting shorter, requiring content marketers to adjust their blogs, whitepapers and other materials accordingly.

Here are four ways you can start making your content more reader-friendly.

  • Stop using big words. Unless you need to tailor your messaging to a highly educated niche, keep vocabulary simple. Odds are that the majority of your prospects read at a middle school or high-school level.  If a word sounds complicated, it probably is. Imagine how your audience talks, and use that vocabulary to connect with them.
  • Limit long sentences. Run-on sentences can be a chore for readers, especially when you’re trying to explain a concept to them. Once you’ve written a first draft of something, review it and look for long statements. Break any guilty parties into two or more shorter statements to make everything punchier.
  • Use white space to your advantage. As a subject matter expert, you probably have a lot to say about a specific topic. Although you may be tempted to clump all that knowledge into one giant paragraph – or several giant paragraphs – keep the end user in mind. Your 3000-word whitepaper may look great on a desktop, but if you don’t use small paragraphs, it’s a nightmare to read on a phone or tablet screen.
  • Test yourself. There are multiple services available to help improve your content’s readability. One of the most popular tools is the Hemingway Editor, which reviews your writing for passive voice, run-on sentences and other common faux pas. Consider using one of these platforms to take your content to the next level.

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