Content Distribution: The Keys to Maximizing Your Organization’s Reach

Content Distribution: The Keys to Maximizing Your Organization’s Reach

If you read anything about marketing at all, you know the age-old adage about content being king. But good content is just one piece of the audience engagement puzzle.

Just like you won’t hear a tree fall unless you’re around to hear it, people won’t gravitate to your content unless they know it exists. In the ever-changing digital landscape filled with algorithms affecting your organization’s reach, distribution can be a big problem.

Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true tactics to help you tread the waters and get your message in front of more eyeballs:

Make Your Content Easy to Share

If your content is naturally compelling, chances are that people will want to share it. But if they have to jump through hoops to share the content or it displays strangely when they do try to share it, the chances of it going viral diminishes.

When you put together a good piece of content, make sure any URLs, meta descriptions and images are accurate and/or display correctly. If you don’t fix it, your readers won’t.

Make Email a Priority

With inboxes becoming fuller than traditional mailboxes, you might be swayed to focus solely on social media or another marketing channel in efforts to avoid the clutter. Don’t.

If there’s one reason to keep email as part of your distribution strategy, it’s control. Unlike social media where you’re at the mercy of algorithms and other behind-the-scene science, your email list is yours. Everyone receives the message unless you’re having issues with spam or there’s an outdated email address on the list.

Look at Your Work in Layers

You might have a riveting blog, but a blog is hard to promote on visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Analyze your blog and see how you can repurpose it to fit the appropriate channel. While a screenshot of the blog wouldn’t be effective for IG or Snapchat, a chart or another image pulled from your post might just work for those social platforms.

Another benefit from looking at your work in layers: recycling. Many times, you’re able to take an old piece of content and turn it into something fresh: an old blog post becomes a new slideshow, an old video gets reedited and updated … the list goes on. And fresh content gives your readers another reason to visit your site and share your work.

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