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Need a Kidney? Visit Facebook!

Social media has gotten so powerful that people are using it to save lives

Social media has gotten so powerful that people are using it to save lives. A man in Seattle, Washington, set up a Facebook page, looking for a kidney donor.  A few weeks later, a complete stranger who was a good, healthy match offered to donate hers. Read the story here. fb-kidney-thumb

This type of networking is becoming very popular in the social media space for two reasons: it can work, and it can work quickly. In the past, when a person needed an organ, they would be added to a list and then they would wait. People still do this and they are still waiting. For a kidney, it can take up to four years to find a proper match. In this case, it took 24 hours to find a donor.

It is estimated that by August of this year, there will be 1 billion people with a Facebook account worldwide. Many are spending a good majority of the day (up to three hours in some cases) on this enormous and powerful social network. If something unusual, such as finding a kidney, is posted on Facebook, it will definitely get some attention and create huge viral capabilities.

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