Self Service Now Has A Spot In Preventive Healthcare

You probably have seen self-service cash registers at retail stores like Lowes and Home Depot where you can check out your items and pay without human interaction. Or consider photo booths in the mall that take your passport photo – you simply walk into the booth, pay the money and smile!

In today’s world, more and more machines are taking the place of people. And to a degree, the same thing is happening in healthcare.

Because of a major physician shortage, retail health is becoming very popular with walk-in clinics as an easy and sometimes more affordable alternative for healthcare treatment.

Walmart and Sam’s Club and other retail establishments are now featuring do-it-yourself kiosks where patients can take free self tests for vision and heart-disease prevention. They can also get advice for diet and exercise.

The machines are able to tailor recommendations based on customers’ answers to on-screen questions. They can even help schedule primary care appointments if needed.

The old do-it-yourself blood pressure machines, which once populated drug and grocery stores, are quickly being replaced by a new generation of devices that are transforming the concept of self-service health care.

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