SEO Urgent Care


You may have heard of Google, but has it heard of you?

As a hospital, physician or a surgeon you need patients to find you. The question is will they find you and your website in their search?  Research shows that almost eight million Americans search for medical information online each day. But to ensure that even a small segment of those people make it to your website, you need to increase your site’s search engine visibility with SEO.

An SEO-friendly website is the key to success for any online marketing campaign. An effective medical SEO strategy requires constant care and effort. Here are some tips to optimize your next medical marketing campaign.

Pay attention to keywords

A keyword/phrase refers to the word/phrase that describes the product or service offered through a website. These are the words that a person looking for information types into the search column of a search engine. To make your website stand out, focus on key phrases instead of words. The best way to attract new patients to your website is to achieve high rankings on search engine results pages. These are the results that are listed after you search, or “Google,” a topic.

Build and distribute

Another important and effective way to increase traffic to your website is through link building and link distribution.. Link building is the process of getting websites to publish a link pointing to your site. This is also referred to as “back links.” There are many ways to obtain back links. One way is to submit your website to search engines and directories. Another good way is to find websites that might be interested in publishing a link to your website. You can also distribute links to your articles with the use of marking sites such as Digg. This will not only give your hospital or medical service more exposure, but it will also provide more links to your site.

Be unique

Your website has a better chance of not getting lost in the shuffle if contains content-rich web pages with carefully chosen keywords placed throughout the text. Each of the major search engines scours the Internet constantly looking for the most relevant websites to deliver to their search engine clients. If your website is not well written or has repeated content, it will not receive high placement during searches. 

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