The Art of Following Up in a Digital Age

So you’ve successfully converted a prospective customer into an actual customer. Congrats, but now what? If you think your marketing efforts are done, you’re wrong.

Creating customer loyalty is essential. Not only is it good public relations, but it’s also a great source of recurring income. “One and done” transactions should be exceptions – not the norm.  If you aren’t top of mind for consumers, you’re out of mind – our attention spans are virtually nil these days.

In order to develop and maintain a loyal customer, you need to follow up. Here’s how you can start following up and getting more out of your audience:

  1. Be useful. Email followups are a dime a dozen — how are you standing out? Motivate your recipients to take action. Providing an incentive with an eye-catching subject line is an easy way to do so. You need to make your customers WANT to open that email (or interact with whatever collateral you decide on).  Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What would make me want to give this organization my business?”
  2. Make interaction easy. If you want individuals to continue interacting with your brand, make yourself accessible. If someone wants to get in contact with your organization for more information about services or products, who should they call (or email, etc.)? That information should be easy to spot on all of your materials.
  3. Stay organized. Small organizations with a lot of customers can benefit from a customer relationship manager (CRM). CRMs such as Salesforce are a convenient tool to stay on top of follow ups and other interactions with clients. The only downside: They can be expensive. But if you’re having trouble, the premium may be worth it.

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