Why Every Hospital Physician Should Have a Nexus 7 Google Tablet

When you think of a doctor using a smartphone or tablet in the examination or operating room, the first device that probably comes to mind is an iPhone or iPad. Most medical professionals today use Apple iOS devices for viewing health records and other key day-to-day functions. But medical professionals...

Mobile Devices Distracting in the Examination Room

Everyone loves to have the latest technology – it’s fun to play with iPhones and iPads and explore all they can do. Of course, this technology can be distracting in our daily lives. And when it’s used by physicians in hospitals, such distractions can affect patient safety. iphone in OR

Save Money On Postage

Mobile technology is getting a boost from the United States Postal Service this summer. Qualifying mailings will get a temporary price reduction if they integrate their mailing by using a mobile barcode inside or on the mail piece, according to the Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion. mobile bar code